26 Apr 2011

First TF

I love olive.
 It was Louis that received though it said for a long time so.
Feelings of favor might be too strong.

She is very beautiful.
cool beauty.

She is a Blossom body though I like “貧乳”(flat chests). :)
It comes to want to take it at such an angle. 

Dennis's sleep eye head follows in the option. 
It isn't Louis why.

The head exchanges of BF were considerably troublesome. 
However, the body firmly :. 
And, independence is also easy. 

It is considerably easy
because it was accustomed to a troublesome body of slinkyneko.

First TF. 
Beauty of moderate degree of fleshiness, stability, and make-up. 
I thought that it was understood to want to receive one after another and to become it. 

Meeting the loved olive is reserved a little more previously. 

Ah,sora*iro one off.
Twin Olive,,,,, so cute. :)

(This article is a reservation contribution.)

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