25 Mar 2011


Yuki's clothes were dressed to Ringo.

The skirt is a short, and the thigh is rough crocodile.

Do you differ from the image of Ringo though are lovely?

Radioactive substance detected from sea in Fukushima and tap water of Tokyo.

Generally, it doesn't reach the standard value.
However, refraining from the intake is a preferable value in the infant and the baby.
The influence of the radioactive substance : to a part of vegetable …. 
The influence is uneasy in the human body 
though it seems to be a level that not is even if it takes it.
The value of the radioactive substance
included in water and the vegetable has fallen day by day. 

However, the commotion must not pass more than the necessity.
If it doesn't correspond calmly.

(This article is a reservation contribution. )

23 Mar 2011

Rabbit's ear

It covered Ema by way of experiment though rabbit's ear was made for Ringo. 

So cute!!

It is possible to share.

It is hand-sewn burry.
There are still a power failure etc. , too.
It doesn't feel right.

It seems to take complete time.

It doesn't feel right if it doesn't concentrate on something.

The main fear ….
The friend who keeps taking shelter in Fukushima is worried.
It feels insecurity in the continuing nuclear accident though
there was no injury due to the earthquake.

(This article is a reservation contribution. )

20 Mar 2011

Northern provinces


Winter is dressed soon in spite of spring. 

 Midget book of favorite mushroom. 

Every day that doesn't feel right continues.
It isn't good when keeping crying.
It can't be in a useless event if knocked down.
There are people who are working hard inevitably.
There are people who are confronting it without turning
their eyes away to the tragedy.

Let's do the thing that I can do now.

(This article is a reservation contribution. )

15 Mar 2011

The angel came.

I'm safe.
The tsunami warning was announced officially, 
and it took shelter temporarily in the entire family.  
It returned to the house,
 and the doll was received in 14 Mar. safely. 

Mail clerk who visited it during absence many times. 
We wish to express our gratitude for sending this doll. 

I want to take the photograph again when settling down. 

11 Mar 2011


Shoes to which the size matched were found.

New clothes and coordination. 

The choker was rolled in the wrist.

8 Mar 2011

Good mornig

The late riser and good morning. 

What do you eat this morning?

Mint Bon bon came.

The doll to which it looked forward came at last.

She is very big the head. 
Pupil of gold that seems to be inhaled.
It is a very beautiful doll. 

"Alice's clothes" ordered by the addition is wonderful. 

It is only a daughter with a big head in my home. :)

1 Mar 2011

Short hair

It changed it from a bobbed hair style into the short hair. 

It is terrible and good.:))d