26 Feb 2011

Bobbed hair style

The wig for her was bought for the first time.
It was a wig that had used up to now bought for Modigli.

Wig bought when it absolutely suits her.

Too well matched, it is trivial. :-/
Photograph where focus grows dim.
However, I like the feeling. 

Luggage from ”CROBI” reached early like a domestic delivery.:-))


25 Feb 2011

Ordered clothes

The dress for which it asked for her finally reached. 

One month from order. =)

It dressed without putting on the wig. 

She's cute!

23 Feb 2011

Felt Hat

This hat was made for my dog.

In the bad mood of her, it is surely a cause. >:-)

22 Feb 2011


It is a wig ordered for ”Modigli”(iMadoll). 
Leeke World (LM-006_M)

It is a bisque doll.... 

I think that it differs from her atmosphere though it suits. 

18 Feb 2011


It put on the corsage for blythe. 
It is a little large and is ill-balanced. 

I want to make the corsage of the size that harmoniously comes to her. 

17 Feb 2011

It was surprised.

First Ltd.  Junior full set!!
sale date : 17,Feb

They are very lovely.
I don't have money to buy them.

The reply of the mail that someone seemed to have ordered reached me why.
Do you report about the god of buying it?(^^;)

Some time.
I want to invite my sisters as her.

15 Feb 2011


The mimosa in the garden bloomed. 

The visit of spring is waited for with her this year. 

14 Feb 2011

first outfit

Clothes ordered for her have not reached yet. 
It seems to be cold as naked ...
Therefore, the dress for her decided to be made for myself. 

It is well-done for the rough-and-ready work. 
Everyday wear completion of my favor. 

Will being to put on a little loose socks has become considerably loose. 


12 Feb 2011

Her individuality

The wound was found in her thigh. 

I feel sorry. And, it is regrettable. 

However, it made it to the cherished thing thinking that it was her individuality. 

11 Feb 2011

Wig changed

It changed it though the wig of default was also wonderful. 
It is a wig ordered for ”Modigli”(iMadoll). 

Leeke World LR-063_M

10 Feb 2011

She came.

I was looking forward to her coming. 
slinkyneko Haroo Jr.

She is very beautiful. 

I had thought about the name given to her while waiting for her to come. 

Her name is ″林檎″. 

However, when she actual might be seen, 
and the name of ”Snow” be better, it is hesitant. 

She is the first ball joint doll for me.