5 Dec 2011

3 Oct 2011

sironeko rabbit

Headgear of rabbit that thought that it suits everyone. 

It did not suit her....
Is it because of not suitable for her image?

(This article is a reservation contribution. )

20 Sep 2011

30 Aug 2011

july come.

A fragment twin of March came. 

A silent child with Pastel Pink[half eyed Haroo] LTD in July

6 Jul 2011

15 Jun 2011

Small wig

 It is only her that the wig of 6inch is necessary in the doll that I have. 
It did not so have her size of the wig.

28 Apr 2011

26 Apr 2011

First TF

I love olive.
 It was Louis that received though it said for a long time so.
Feelings of favor might be too strong.

She is very beautiful.
cool beauty.