23 Mar 2011

Rabbit's ear

It covered Ema by way of experiment though rabbit's ear was made for Ringo. 

So cute!!

It is possible to share.

It is hand-sewn burry.
There are still a power failure etc. , too.
It doesn't feel right.

It seems to take complete time.

It doesn't feel right if it doesn't concentrate on something.

The main fear ….
The friend who keeps taking shelter in Fukushima is worried.
It feels insecurity in the continuing nuclear accident though
there was no injury due to the earthquake.

(This article is a reservation contribution. )


  1. Thank you for sharing your experiences with the world through this blog. I feel closer to you and the other people in Japan now. You have a lovely doll and she came at the perfect time. Best wishes to you and your family! xxx

  2. Hi,Wiske. Thank you for the message. :)