25 Mar 2011


Yuki's clothes were dressed to Ringo.

The skirt is a short, and the thigh is rough crocodile.

Do you differ from the image of Ringo though are lovely?

Radioactive substance detected from sea in Fukushima and tap water of Tokyo.

Generally, it doesn't reach the standard value.
However, refraining from the intake is a preferable value in the infant and the baby.
The influence of the radioactive substance : to a part of vegetable …. 
The influence is uneasy in the human body 
though it seems to be a level that not is even if it takes it.
The value of the radioactive substance
included in water and the vegetable has fallen day by day. 

However, the commotion must not pass more than the necessity.
If it doesn't correspond calmly.

(This article is a reservation contribution. )

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